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TV Access Project Launches

We are delighted to introduce you to the #TVAccessProject (TAP). Studios, Facilities – it’s time for the industry leader to take their seat at the table, to commit to progress so long overdue.

TV Access Project Logo shows a purple door way with a white open door and a purple text that reads TV Access Project
TV Access Project Logo

We’re asking all those who work in television to build the 5 As into their practice. With greater representation and authorship on and off screen, we can all remind ourselves to Anticipate, Ask, Assess, Adjust, and Advocate around access requirements.

Our open letter to you all, from our industry, can be read on Deadline here.


ADF Facilities launch a new accessible honeywagon

Following UHC’s damning report, Everyone Forgot About the Toilets, UHC are delighted to announce that they have been working with ADF Facilities to help design their brand new accessible honey wagon.

Designed with accessibility in mind, this purpose made toilet has 2 wheelchair accessible WC’s which can carry the ramps and equipment required with length adjustable ramps and a platform for ease of entry and exit.

More information and pictures can be found here. UHC would like to thank ADF for their trailblazing efforts in making the HETV industry that little more accessible. We know they have big plans and cannot wait to see what more they do.